Our History

Charles_Bettie Webb
The Lord’s work at the Southside congregation began in late 1973 under the leadership of Bro. Charles Webb at 3808 South Angeline Street with approximately 35 members. Worship was held at this location until the move in 1975 to 3518 South Edmunds Street. To secure this property it required a labor of love by all of the faithful members of the congregation. The influence of Bro. Charles Webb and Bro. Briset Orange was instrumental as they encouraged the church to support the purchase of the building.
Many faithful Christians worked to help make the Lord’s work at Southside a success that included the Daley’s, Dolton’s, Drake’s, Jackson’s, Jones’, McBroom’s, McCoy’s, Moland’s, Orange’s, Ramey’s, Ray’s, Roy’s, Tennel’s, Tolbert’s, Webb’s and White’s to name a few.

From 1975 to 1980 the building experienced many improvements with the help of the membership under the leadership of Bro. Charles R. Webb. Brother and Sister Webb labored with the Southside congregation until his retirement in 1987.

FHarpersollowing Bro. Webb’s retirement in 1987, Bro. William H. Harper began his work with the congregation. Bro. Harper’s efforts to focus on evangelism, leadership development and encouragement was instrumental in the growth of the church. Sister Harper was also very influential in the development of the Women’s Ministries at Southside.
On February 25, 1989, a planning and organizing meeting was held to review the leadership, activities, programs and future plans of the congregation. The basis of much of the progress of the congregation was established at that meeting.

In 1992, after much prayer and study by all members, and through the leadership and guidance of Bro. Harper, the congregation appointed its first Elders and Deacons. Brothers E.H. Baker, Kenneth McCoy and Herman Snoddy were ordained as Elders and Brothers Stephen Elleby, Odell Gilbreath, Olabamiji Idowu, and Donald Randolph were ordained as Deacons.

As the congregation grew, the search was underway to find property in order to construct a larger facility. Certain members were instrumental in the initial stages and throughout the construction process: Robert White (Permits), Herman Snoddy (Building Coordination/Construction), Nathaniel Whitlock (Building Coordination/Construction and Finance), Odell Gilbreath (Building Construction Consultant).  The leadership team served on working with the architect to develop the design of the building. Members of the congregation served on various committees to determine the details of the building layout.
On February 10, 2007 the ground breaking was celebrated at 12200 59th Avenue South in Seattle, Washington. Several members came out to celebrate this event, including the building contractors and King County Councilman, Larry Gossett.
Although several outstanding projects were still under construction, the congregation was able to occupy and hold their first worship service in the building on December 20, 2009.
Bro. William Harper served the Southside congregation for 25 years until his retirement on December 31, 2012.  After a two-year search, Bro. Samuel E. Garner accepted the position as Southside’s ministering evangelist on December 7, 2014.
Bro. Garner worked aggressively targeting Evangelism and Church Administration, along with bringing powerful messages each Sunday. During his inception, the congregation had seen its largest number of conversions in the shortest time frame. Church attendance and participation also increased. His vision was to prepare Southside to be a strong and thriving church with a lasting legacy of soul winning and soul keeping. He began Leadership, Evangelism, Marriage, and Sisterhood training to better prepare the church for the challenges of the 21st century. Bro. Garner and his wife served the congregation until his resignation on July 31, 2016.
On December 17, 2017 Southside installed Bro. Kenney Johnson as Minister and Bro. Nathaniel Whitlock, Sr was ordained and installed as Associate Minister. Bro. Johnson is coming back home to the Seattle area and brings with him over 11 years of experience as a pulpit minister at the May Street Church of Christ in Sacramento. Bro. Whitlock has been a faithful servant and member at the Southside Congregation since 1990 and has spent several years assisting with preaching the gospel at the congregation.

On April 2, 2023, Bro. Whitlock resigned as the Associate Minister at Southside effective May 10, 2023 to begin a new work as the Minister to the Madison Park Church of Christ effective May 14, 2023.