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Domestic Violence Event | 12-1:30pm, Oct 23rd
In lieu of the program we had planned, we encourage you to participate in the following event.
The Seattle Women’s Commission is hosting a Virtual DV Informational Luncheon on Saturday, October 23rd from 12-1:30pm. We would love to have community members join us at the “virtual” luncheon.
The Luncheon will be on WebEx Platform and the theme of the conversation will be:
“Economic Development & Wellness to Decrease Domestic Violence”. 
We must understand that Domestic Violence has grown more than 200% since the Global Pandemic. And the stress of what is happening in the World is impacting vulnerable individuals across racial, economic, and gender lines. 
We REALISTICALLY understand we will not be able to annihilate Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault- HOWEVER through EDUCATION, SELF-REALIZATION, AUTONOMY, and WELLNESS We can LIFT VICTIMS and SURVIVORS CONSCIOUSNESS and EMPOWER THEM to FREE THEMSELVES from the BONDAGE of ABUSE.
We are CHANGING the NARRATIVE of how Abuse and Neglect are discussed in our communities.
Abuse is a “many-tentacled” BEAST. Emotional, Physical, Mental, and Financial ASSAULT on the Minds and Bodies of Our Citizens are simply not okay – and We must do all we can on all fronts to reduce it- and continue to reduce it until it is eliminated from our society.
If through these efforts IF ONE LIFE CAN BE CHANGED- and SAVED it will have been well worth it.